Adelle Leonella

Adelle Leonella – Naturally Sadistic Femdom

The name means “the noble lioness.”
Come close to me, and I will sweep you away with me. An elegant presence, often clad in leather or latex.

At my divine sight, you will willingly get on the floor, submit to the Mistress, and follow the path she dictates. My ice-blue eyes and mischievous grin will draw you further under my spell. My piercing gaze will go through your flesh and bones. My will shall flow in your veins—my passion will pulverize your limits.

As a reaction fetishist, I love seeing your body trembling with lust and the humiliation in your eyes. I master the perfect balance between firm consequence and sensual safety.

Are you a good swallower? Then you will experience at the manicured feet of this Mistress how she humiliates you with her Roman shower, without using fingers down your throat, to her delight.

Confess your darkest fantasies to me, and the meaning of “reality” will be redefined.

I love BDSM. Both the soft and the severely hard play styles. But the more varied, extraordinary, and profound, the more fulfilling it is for me! Are you a beginner? Wonderful, because I can mold you in my hands like putty. Everything you need is on the other side of your control. Where? With me!

Contact details:
Whatsapp/ Telegram/ Phone: +49 1776898663
Email: [email protected]
X: @AdelleLeonella
Instagram: @AdelleLeonella


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