Aurelia van Foxx

I am Aurelia van Foxx – untouchable dominatrix and fetish doctor of the extra class!
You want to enjoy being completely at my mercy and let yourself fall?
You will serve me as a toy.

I may do everything, you may do nothing. You will be tortured, interrogated, humiliated, examined, put on display, fixed and and and. Should you submit, you may spoil my feet – but that’s all!

You are a submissive slave? Fetishist? Patient? Masochist? Or beginner?
Highly sensitive, empathetic, passionate and with great interest in demanding inclinations and fetishes, I will respond to you and your bizarre needs individually.

I will take control of you and bring you around your mind.
Let your mistress guide you and dive into another world. Bondage games, submission, humiliation, education, punishment, pleasure pain and power – so I will lead you to your limits.
With sensitivity and tact, I also introduce beginners to the world of BDSM – it does not always have to be hard.

On my homepage you can learn everything about me and my specials:
Tel.: +49 178 1279064
Mail: [email protected]

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