Baroness Babalon

Baroness Babalon – Germany’s Thickest Dominatrix!

I am the embodiment of abundance and feminine superiority, simply through my impressive presence. The Venus of Willendorf could have been crafted in my likeness.

Connoisseurs and lovers of Rubenesque ladies will find in me a woman who embraces her bodily fullness, finds it sexy, plays with it, and is well aware of its impact on the supposedly stronger sex. You will adore and worship me – I am your new curvaceous goddess!

My dominance resides in my breathtaking appearance and overpowering weight. I love anything that allows me to make a man feel my divine superiority. I blend my body’s fullness with practiced dominance, bringing everything into harmony. I employ my curves, and you feel small, helpless, surrendered beneath me, yet warm and secure as breathing becomes increasingly difficult and the air slowly escapes you…

Fans of ample derrieres and facesitting experience entirely new dimensions under my gigantic buttocks. You become my cushion, my seat, and much more. By the way, I am a pronounced admirer of the illustrations by the Japanese artist Namio Harukawa.

My aim is to establish a trustworthy, long-term relationship between us within a discreet context. This provides us with a protected space where we can delve deep into your fantasies, explore and expand your boundaries. With me, you are seen and allowed to be who and what you truly are.

I call myself Babalon because this figure embodies partly contradictory aspects of the feminine. On one hand, she is the great mother who gives life, and on the other hand, she is the mother of abominations. In the Bible, she appears as the Whore of Babylon riding the Beast. I find this to be a powerful image of how female sexual energy ultimately subjugates and dominates male desire. I identify with Babalon because I possess both creative, constructive power and destructive force. I integrate both aspects into my sessions. Additionally, I see her mystical strength and her feminine divinity within me.

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