Erotik-Influencer Bijoux Chocolate

Authoritarian. Exotic. First class. Sadistic!

That’s Bijoux Chocolate and she is very excited to be at Venus 2022 this year. As a German Ebonatrix, she hopes to meet valuable industry contacts and interesting new subs, and maybe she’ll meet you there too, because that would be a delightful opportunity to get to know each other a little better.

She is only too happy to live out her erotic, touchable dominance as well as classic, strict leadership with the right slaves and gentlemen! Because serving her is often not a coincidence or a choice, but a destiny and sometimes even a new meaning in life. Lady Bijoux loves to reach the abysses of a soul as well as the heights of a heart in order to recognise, touch and educate the true ME of her counterpart in the long run. Whoever looks into her eyes discovers her ocean of lust! With her breathtaking beauty, she has already captivated many men and women and enchants with authentically lived dominance. You can meet her privately in Mallorca for a session, or at regular intervals in Berlin (Studio Sweet Tabu), in Stuttgart (Studio Centric) and in Munich (Studio Elegance) when she is on a trip to Germany.

Her name reflects her service and appearance 100%:

B erring
I ntelligent
J uwelish
O riginous
U ncomparable
X xx


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