Erotic Influencer Der Pornobeamte Franz K.

Franz is currently 36 years old and comes from near Cologne. He started his career in the erotic industry with his wife Emma Secret in January 2018. At that time, Franz was an accountant and employee in the tax office of a small community in the Eifel. Furthermore, he lived in a small village, so that when it came out what Franz was doing in his spare time, it led to a huge scandal in September 2018. This led to the BILD newspaper and RTL reporting on it. In the meantime, Franz could also be seen on Kabel 1. Together with his wife Emma, ​​he was accompanied by a WDR team for half a year in 2018. It reports on how both of them mastered their first steps in the erotic industry and how they first acted as an actor at Venus 2018. This documentary ran in May 2019 on WDR television and is available on YouTube and in the WDR media library. Franz currently has a profile on BIG 7, Visit-X and MyDirtyHobby. Furthermore, he has already shot for several productions at home and abroad.




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