Dominique Insomnia

Sex has always interested me more than any other topic.

At the age of six, I wanted to emulate Lady de Winter (yes, the one from The Three Musketeers) whom I saw on television, as the King’s mistress. At 16, I learned that my mother worked as a dominatrix – and I found it incredibly fascinating.

At 18, I opened an SM studio on Ku’damm and ran it for 10 years together with my mother, from whom I learned the trade. During this time, I became very involved with the BDSM community, advocating politically and culturally for the liberation of BDSM and fetish from the seedy corners and for the recognition of prostitution as a profession. In 1993, I introduced the first dominatrix school and a BDSM training program for aspiring dominatrices before they were allowed to work with clients.

In the mid-1990s, I got in touch with the legendary KitKatClub and in 1997, I organized the first INSOMNIA party there. During this time, many of my shows were created – PornArt Theater, small, wicked, naughty stories dramatically brought to life in a pornographic setting. DoubleTroubleBerlin was formed, a crazy show troupe that performed at trade fairs and fetish parties across Europe.

During this period, I produced over 80 reports for the erotic magazine “Wa(h)r Liebe” on VOX, and later, I produced around 60 films for Beate Uhse TV, including “Lust Pur – with Conny Dachs” and “Intimes Deutschland – with Carmen Rivera”. I also received the Venus Award for my porn series “Dominique’s Fuck Academy”.

In 2006, I opened INSOMNIA, fulfilling my dream of having my own club. With great attention to detail and passion, I run this hedonistic parallel universe with the aim of providing people with an interactive playground of pleasure and an exciting sexual laboratory, where they can explore and indulge themselves.

In 2011, I successfully completed an ILP (Integrated Learing Program) training and use this powerful communication tool as a basis for my sex coaching work. This year, I was featured on Stranger Sins on RTL+ as a BDSM coach, and you can find me at this year’s Venus Fair in the Hedonistic Lounge delivering insightful lectures alongside high-profile sex coaches and therapists.

This year, my new travel agency is launching, starting off with an exciting project: The INSOMNIA Week Mallorca will take place from October 23rd to 30th, 2019 – an extraordinary party vacation for couples featuring a hotel takeover and a masquerade ball at Tito’s in Mallorca.(

I’m looking forward to being part of the Venus event again this time, with a booth in the Fetish Area and hosting the Venus Fetish Party on Saturday at INSOMNIA. It’s a great opportunity to connect with many interesting people, and I’m proud to contribute to shaping this exceptional trade fair through my involvement. This year, we will be conducting daily court hearings on the Kinky Stage with Richter Hammerfest – for those who want to publicly punish their slaves, simply send us an email to register: [email protected]


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