Erotik-Influencer Emily Addams

Hi sweeties, my name is Emily Addams and I’m really excited because I’m a real model at Venus for the first time!

As you can see from my collar, I’m totally into BDSM; I like it when the man is the one who sets the pace – especially when it comes to sex :3! I just turned 22, I come from the alternative scene, where I’m also represented as a goth and punk photo model, and I’ve been making my own little movies for almost a year now because I love to share and show my sexuality to others. I think we should all be much more open when it comes to sexuality; a large part of society is still very repressed!

I started that with my dom, but he quickly realized that he should better leave this bisexual little slut off the leash so she can take everything to bed that is not on the tree. In the process, I also discovered that I am bi and I really like other girls – which is why I want to try a lot out with them 😉

If you’re looking for me – I’m either in the fetish area at the SM-only stand, to express my kinky side a bit, or half-naked, maybe with a leash around my neck and cute ears – and right in the middle of you 🙂


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