Erotik-Influencer Emily Addams

I am the small and provocative grinning bitch Emily and love to break with existing rules and taboo topics, to take my mouth a little too full and to (suffer) the consequences of this behavior… 😉

I was already in school basically first loud and against it, and still have a hard time to keep me sweet & well-behaved to any rules – although I am into BDSM since I live out my sexuality.

As a strong masochist I earn every slap, every task, challenge and every punishment I get myself and with devotion – and love to reap the fruits of my bratty behavior. Since this year I am finally officially active as a performer in front of the camera and can fully live out my exhibitionism – and you can follow me on the net.

You can find me in the Kink & Fetish Area at the SM-Only booth.

So, come and spank me please 🖐🏽


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