Fräulein Ansehnlich

More than just beautiful feet!

You no longer want to suppress your perverse thoughts and finally surrender yourself to a truly beautiful foot goddess and domina? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Together, we will find a framework in which you can completely forget about your submission. From role-playing and orgasm control to exquisite foot fetish and even ecstatic strap-on fucking… Whatever you choose, I will definitely have fun with you! Prepare yourself for very real, deeply perverse, perhaps painful, but always exciting and unforgettable moments!

Just don’t let my friendly, open, and natural demeanor during our preliminary discussion deceive you! At the latest, when you are helplessly at my mercy, you will get to know a completely different side of me, and your mind will be unable to break free from me! You will feel like you’re going insane until I finally allow you, perhaps, to offer me your seed.



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