Lady Amelie South

I am Amelie South, a sensitive, sadistic Southern Lady, and a few years ago I turned my passion into a profession.

Angel face, devil thoughts!

These words hit the nail on the head. Behind a friendly, kind face lie perfidious, perverse, relentless, sadistic, and lustful thoughts and fantasies.

I don’t just want to dominate your body; I want to penetrate your mind. I want to look deep into your eyes, and they will reveal to me what you need and, above all, what you deserve.

I want to revel in your facial expressions, whether I see pain or pleasure. Fear, humility, panic, arousal, terror, curiosity, the desire for more, or genuine deep-seated submissiveness.

I love playing myself into a frenzy until we both forget everything around us.

We escape the everyday, and what awaits us is a kinky adventure.

I am a player.

I enjoy playing with my charms, I enjoy playing with you. I will turn you into my human, personal toy.

If you are ready to place yourself in my hands, give me your trust, and relinquish absolute control, then introduce yourself to me.

Dare to, don’t be afraid…

I just want to play a little…


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