Lady Indre Baltic

Indre Baltic – Seductive Dominance

Have you always wanted to make your darkest fantasies come true but never dared?

Are you tired of your boring everyday life?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

I am Lady Indre Baltic, born in Lithuania, but living in Germany (NRW) for years now and active in the BDSM scene for 15 years.

I am a confident young woman, sometimes a dominant lady and sometimes sensually seductive with erotic charisma. A woman like the one from your dreams.

Stunningly beautiful, with an erotic accent, bittersweet and hard at the same time. I love playing with you.

I drive men and women alike out of their minds.

The carrot and the stick, as well as medical play, feminization, and fetishism are my passions.

From an early age, I was aware that men are inferior to me and have only one task – to serve me!

Extremely sadistic and strict, I take great pleasure in testing new boundaries. To use you, to torment you, to play with your arousal, and to captivate you with my charms. Yet, I can still be empathetic and understanding.

Despite my angelic appearance, I master the art of skilfully subjugating you.
I am here to fulfill your longings, satisfy your deepest desires, and give you what you really need and deserve.

This is one side of me, but there is also another…
My exhibitionism – I enjoy making my sexual games come to life in front of the camera. The thought that you get aroused and gratify yourself doing so turns me on. So, in my virtual life, there are not only dominant videos but also pornographic ones, including with different actors.

Or, are you a fan of clinical play, a passionate enjoyer of the white room? Then come to me and place yourself in the sometimes gentle, sometimes harsh, or sadistic hands of Dr. Lady Indre Baltic.

Despite my youth, I am an experienced, passionate clinician who knows how to use her physical attributes well. I will get to the bottom of your suffering millimeter by millimeter. And should you be a naughty patient, I will gladly use restraints, gags, masks, and the like to continue my treatment in peace. And I have a lot of imagination and fun in this regard.

People with disabilities are warmly welcome!


E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel. 015757669967
Insta: Indrebaltic_mistress


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