Lady JanaLogan

Domina, Clip Artist und Fetisch Model. Sex is just mechanics, erotic dominance is art!

You are attracted to dominant women who live out their inclinations absolutely authentically, so here you can certainly expect no young naive girl, but a real woman who acts with a lot of empathy and empathy.
Strong and self-confident enough to catch the submissive after his deep fall. Here I prefer the quiet, insistent tones in a session.
Isn’t the pleasurably quiet, mocking, the kindness accompanied by cruelty, the cautious contempt much more exciting than the loud rumbling?
However, I can also strike a hard command tone, which does not tolerate contradiction.

You are object of my will and my desire; under my care all that happens what is good for you. Here you will find purification.
I will take possession of your body, penetrate it to hack into your spirit; until the thought of me spreads like a virus in you and paralyzes your system.
I make you a Trojan horse as a gift and if you get involved in my game you open the gates of your mind to me.


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