Lady Mariella

LADY MARIELLA HEYLON, the unique Domina with a TS background

Warm but sadistic, she knows very few taboos—perfect for you and your deeply perverse fetishes and fantasies!

You’ll mostly find her at Refugium Divine, her regular house in Aschaffenburg, a divine paradise of dominance, where three fantastic rooms are available to her. She finds the right environment for an unforgettable and exciting session tailored to each guest.

Born in the wrong body, Lady Mariella is now, after many surgeries, the perfectly aligned woman—an untouchable and classic Domina.
You wouldn’t notice that she was once born in the wrong body; if you’re looking for a Femdom with a penis, you won’t find it in her, as she has long since transitioned to being a woman.

Her areas of expertise:
– Performance sessions at parties and events, mainly in the Rhine-Main area but also throughout Germany, are one of her main specialties due to her exhibitionistic nature. She offers these almost every Saturday, whether as a nude slave, sissy, and much more.

– Sadism, she is perfect in striking and tormenting in various ways with diverse tools and toys; her imagination knows nearly no limits here.

– Feminization, she brings out every bit of femininity in you. Born masculine and fully transitioned, she knows exactly what you desire!

– Examinations on the Boomer/Gyn chair in Refugium Divine—with dilation, prostate examination, catheterization, and anal examination up to thorough fisting, you will experience it with passion from her.

– Nylons and heels, she loves them very much, and you as a fetishist as well.

– Dirty games, whether it’s water sports or scat play or other preferences from the area—she is the queen in these fields, and knows no taboos except for vomit and your scat play.

– She is also very enthusiastic about nearly all other kinks. Just ask her; she knows almost no taboos.

Meet Lady Mariella Heylon at Venus 2024!
She is looking forward to humble, submissive visitors.


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