Lady Vicky

I am Lady Vicky.
Busty, long-legged with a smoky velvet-soft voice, empathetic, from gently demanding, whipping, to downright perverse.
In me, you will find your passionate femme fatale with a genuine inclination, sensually and rigorously.
My sophisticated training methods vary from shamelessly pleasure-oriented and completely painless to perversely degrading and humiliating, to downright dirty or extremely hard.
It’s all about deep arousal, the satisfaction of both your perverse desires and mine.
As a shy beginner, you are just as welcome as an experienced slave, as a perverse dirty piece just as much as a sexy TV, as a true fetishist just as much as a clinical enthusiast!
During my long journey through the world of hidden desires and forbidden passions, I have gathered exciting and extravagant experiences with various people, fetishists, male and female slaves.
This surely allows me to deeply understand your most depraved fantasies, bring us to infinite arousal, and finally make your darkest longings come true.

Contact: [email protected]


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