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The name Little Caprice has been an integral part of the adult entertainment industry for years. For the high-end production company Xart, the Czech beauty stood in front of the film camera for many years. She has already worked for all the well-known productions in the world: Metart, Sexart, Watch4beauty, WowGirls, Marc Dorcell, Woodman, DDF, Privat, Czech AV, Hustler, House of Taboo, Femjoy, Joymii, Nubiles, Club seventeen and many more. She also became a photo model for magazines such as: Playboy USA, Hustler USA, Penthouse USA, Penthouse Italy, Penthouse Netherlands, Penthouse Germany and Penthouse Spain, as well as Furore Magazin, Normal Magazin, NIF Magazin. She was also booked for commercial fashion productions around the world, including several TV and Internet commercials. Over time, she not only built up a huge online fan base (350,000 followers on Twitter, Pornhub more than 182 million video views and 129,000 subscribers), but is also always a welcome guest at events in the adult industry. Their recipe for success is clear: authenticity and direct contact with the fans.

Own production started in 2016
Together with her husband Marcello Bravo, she has always fought against the disreputable image of the porn industry. In 2016 the energetic swinger couple made the decision: “We are starting our first production”. In focus: Little Caprice and her fantasies. A web portal with the functions that suit your appearance and the preferences of your fans. In 2016 the production company Little Caprice Dreams was founded, the first scenes were shot, new models were found and a lot of time and energy was put into the implementation of the website: “It was a long way and we really invested a lot in our dream, but I’m very happy and satisfied with the direction in which everything is currently developing, ”sums up Little Caprice. In the meantime she not only works as an actress, but also as a producer in the in-house erotic forge “Little Caprice Media”.

Another success boost in America
In the early summer of 2018, a new chapter began in the life of Little Caprice. No less a person than Greg Lansky booked the beautiful Czech girl for filming for his production company Tushy and Vixen. Further cooperation in the future is already firmly planned. With her first scene for the platform Tushy, which is focused on anal intercourse, she immediately catapulted herself to number 1 of the production company’s most popular female actress and, in addition, the anal scene has been number 1 for two months now. She reached number 1 with her first scene for Vixen also number 1 in the actor charts. She also shot a scene with her favorite actress, which is still a secret for the time being. “The work for Greg Lansky was simply sensational. Absolute professionals, but still an atmosphere in which you feel comfortable and can develop,” said the 29-year-old. When it comes to print, a lot of people have their eyes on Little Caprice. It adorns the cover of the August 2018 issue of Hustler Magazine in the USA.

Wishes for the future
“It would be wonderful if it continued like this. Everything is going perfectly privately and professionally,” explains the starlet with a wink.

We are pleased that Little Caprice was represented at the VENUS the last years. Together with her husband Marcello, she was glad to meet her fans at her own stand, where there provided photos, autographs, DVDs and other goodies from the Czech temptation.

Social networks and channels:

Pornhub: more than 150million views

Twitter 327.000 followers
Instagram: new account (since6 months ) 61k


About Little Caprice
Little Caprice has already made porn films for production companies such as Little Caprice- Dreams, Xart, Metart, Sexart, Watch4beauty, WowGirls, Marc Dorcell, Woodman, DDF, Privat, Czech AV, Hustler, House of Taboo, Femjoy, Joymii, Nubiles, Club seventeen and many more) and was the model for magazines such as Playboy USA, Hustler USA, Penthouse (USA, Italy, Netherlands, Germany, Spain! Furore Magazin, Normal Magazin, NIF Magazin). It is also a popular model for advertising on TV, print and online.
Since 2016 she has been running “Little Caprice-Dreams” together with her husband Marcello, where she not only acts as an actress, but is also responsible for the castings of new models.

For any further questions
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Pressekontakt: Bernd Gossi
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