Liz Tyrious

Surprises keep coming up, just like at the last VENUS Berlin 2022.
At the booth of CUTEANDDANGEROUS XXX, an absolute newcomer was a guest, who was completely unknown here in Germany and had only been seen in a bondage vintage magazine in her home country of Austria up to that point.
That was sufficient for C&D XXX, whose head Oliver Williams invited her to Venus in Berlin right away and also released a limited edition of the current book “THE WORLD OF VENUS IV”.
LIZ TYRIOUS, that’s her name, was nervous, had her own boundaries that she could push herself, and in the end, she had an incredible amount of fun during shows and autograph sessions.
She even made it onto the big mydirtyhobby stage and into the cage.

Liz says: “It was definitely my personal highlight of 2022! People were mostly all super nice, fortunately there weren’t really any major incidents.
I felt very comfortable even though the whole thing was completely new territory for me.
The bondage show in the Kinky Area particularly ‘bound’ me, in the true sense of the word.
But I was also captivated by the feeling of my own shows.”

This year as well, the affectionate Austrian lady will be exclusively with us at our booth, and for the first time, she will also be seen in the Kinky Area.


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