Erotic Influencer Lizz Wood

Hello, I’m Lizz Wood, 22 years old & a wicked little girl from Munich. Maybe one or the other already knows me. At the tender age of 18, when I finally graduated, I first started with my erotic nudes – until I started my cam time in August 2016. Why did I start so early? Simply because I wanted to do something different from everyone else I knew. When I was a child, I was always brought up quite openly. During my school days I was bullied every now and then – these same people see me differently now. Since 2019 I’ve also been making amateur clips, which gives me a lot of fun and joy. Everyone who knows me now knows how chaotic, crazy & lovable I am. I look like country innocence, but that is deceptive. I’ve got it as a sly. ; At the last VENUS you could meet me in the Camgirls Area!


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