Luzi Gain

Hello sweethearts – my name is Luzi Gain – literally: Lucifer’s gain. I am a deeply transgender person, and for many years I have been passionately and curious exploring many kink scenes. As a switcher, I have experience on both sides of the whip. So I offer you not one, but two dark faces:

My dominant, sadistic side makes the whip crack on your skin, goosebumps arise and take you deep into your submission and devotion. With full consequence and unmistakable gestures, I demand from you what you always wanted to give. I know all too well what I am asking of you, how to fuck both body and soul!

On the other hand, my submissive side is well-versed. I’m a hardcore masochist and can take more than most can give. So I stand boldly in front of you, grinning and provoking for more beatings ūüėČ

In both roles, I love to sink deeply into the emotions. Especially when doing photo or video productions. I really love being in front of the camera and showing my facets. Which of my sides I choose depends strongly on you -my counterpart- What will you choose? let yourself in?


Instagram: Luzigain.official
Facebook: LuziGain
Telegram: @LuziGain
Mail: [email protected]


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