Madame Kali

Bizarre Eroticism – Sensual Sadism

Whether playful, devoted desire or sensual sadism, as an experienced Tantric practitioner, I play with the powerful energy of sex, letting it blossom fluidly in our erotic encounter.

As a Madame, I dominate you; as a “Strapsmaus” (a term of endearment for a playful, seductive woman), I am devotedly inclined towards you.

BDSM is a ritualistic game with unparalleled intensity. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate perversions and lust extensively and intensively.

Even without pain, I empathetically combine erotic closeness with extraordinary practices.

In the silent game, I travel together with you on a wave of endorphins and adrenaline.

I am naturally playful and approachable.

Who do you want to be – which side of you or me do you want to discover?

I accept the challenge to accompany you to the darkest corners of your fantasies, to explore the edge of the abyss of what is still bearable…

All genders are welcome; lust knows no age limits. I am also experienced in dealing with people with disabilities.

In addition to individual and couple sessions, there is now a coaching program. You can find the workshop program on my website.

Together with my partner and sub, Lars-Lemgo, I will be there for you at the fair, aside from the showtime—feel free to come by for a chat.


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