Mara Le Noir

Bei Mara was the decisive call of independence to turn her back on the normal professional existence.
She followed the call of being a dominatrix, managed to start successfully despite Corona, and expanded her passion to also work as a cam-girl. She has two solid pillars and enjoys every minute in both professions.

“I simply enjoy dominating men and seeing what they’re willing to do to make their mistress happy,” says Mara. “I always wanted to live out my sexuality and explore my preferences as well.Now, in what I do, I simply have a lot of variety.

I like to have control myself. I need this variety, otherwise it just becomes too boring for me and boredom is simply not acceptable to me. Now I have the right thing, and more variety is hardly possible anymore.”

The smart dominatrix is returning to Venus this year with her slave at the Cute and Dangerous XXX Publishing booth. Last year, she almost continuously performed provocative shows at our booth with Liz Tyrious and other models. Towards the end, she even had the opportunity to perform on the big MDH stage. This year, she will be appearing on the Kinky Area stage.


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