Domina Medusa Manie

I am Medusa Manie, an experienced classical Dominatrix, Sadist, and Clinician. I have been active since 2006, fulfilling ideas and fantasies with both experienced connoisseurs and newcomers. I expect joy, honesty, respect, and trust from my counterpart. I am active throughout Germany, and occasionally abroad.

Black Area:

Your humiliation is the foundation. Your pain and suffering satisfy me.
Your desire and passion will lead you to me.
You will become an object, a servant, and a plaything of my vices and passions.
Whether masochistic or submissive, you will either let yourself fall or be made to do so.
Closeness and distance are destined for you when you follow my rules. Multifaceted, strong, empathetic femininity will meet you. I will lead consistently.

White Area:

Psychological and medical treatment methods

Unconventional role-play combined with ruthless treatment is my specialty.

Connoisseurs of my treatment methods are aware of the importance I place on asepsis and antisepsis in my special clinic treatments.

Anxiety patients will experience a consistent yet compassionate clinician.
Advanced and experienced clinicians will be taken to their current limits and beyond.

See you soon at Venus,
Medusa Manie


E-Mail: [email protected]
Tel: +49 162 71 31 356




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