Megan Bound

Let yourself be taken into the captivating world of dependency by a young, empathetic dominatrix.

From an early age, I discovered my dominant side and began to live it out. Now I can no longer imagine a life without my slaves. With great passion, I educate them and accompany them on their journey to a fulfilled life as a serving object.

At Black Fun in Leipzig, we offer rubber and fetish enthusiasts an exclusive environment to fully live out their fantasies. Are you ready to completely let go? My long legs, curvy figure, and sensual lips will never let you go. Do you dare to surrender for just an hour, or would you like to submit to my control for even longer?

As a loving sadist, I delight in your emerging suffering, push you to your limits, and make you follow me. It gives me satisfaction to mark your body with passionate touches, but I can also provide tormenting, intense moments without leaving any marks. It is a pleasure to watch you squirm under my hand and power, even though you desire nothing else.

I will be able to see your emotions in your eyes: fear, pleasure, helplessness, desire, despair, strength, and love. I will make your body tremble, hear your breath, and feel your shaking. You will kneel and serve me, not because I command it, but because you cannot do otherwise.

The new “Oberthetop” special is also possible, of course.


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