Erotic Influencer Merry4Fun

Merry4Fun; a name from a time when porn was still on BluRays. Merry has not only remained true to her name, but also to the sex business. And so it happens that among all the modern nicknames in the scene, M4F stands out like a black sheep among hundreds of white ones. Because Merry, whose real name is Marilyn, represents something that is hardly found in the erotic industry: continuity, with her over 850 short and long movies. She is versatile. Casual sex and cam shows are just as much a part of her daily life as filming. When fucking becomes an obsession, you can’t just stop and drift into a normal life. And even there, Merry will not follow the trend, but continue to pursue her calling until the last day.
Now, as Merry has been working in the fiercely competitive porn industry for 15 years, it’s time for an evaluation. For the community, her work may be a lifelong accomplishment. However, she takes it a step further, as her mother, whom she never met, was a whore. She shares this not with false shame, but with the respect it deserves! As she says, I am continuing my legacy here.


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