Miss Elektra

The Lioness Among Dominas

Wild, sexy, unverschämt und provokant” translates to “Wild, sexy, brazen, and provocative!

Let me introduce myself: I am Miss Elektra and I call myself a “lioness among dominatrixes”. Now and then I have my kid gloves on and let you purr with them, like a kitten.
But the predatory cat in me not infrequently has the urge to hunt you down, catch you and eat you with skin and hair – or even maul you.
But don’t be afraid, I can also keep my Caribbean fire seething inside me in check.

What you’ll experience in every session with me is my Latina temperament.
Look into my eyes and you will see within a second what I mean. My dominance only surpasses my sass and my irrepressible urge to make you submissive to me.
“Surprise” is my middle name.

I will make you dependent on me, so that you become addicted to me. But be aware, any misbehavior on your part I will be only too happy to punish.

You are a lover of golden, warm champagne ?
Then you are in the right place with me. I love to drip into your mouth drop by drop, standing over you, looking deep into your eyes.
Let’s play: hot and very much like dirty!!!


The lioness is looking forward to you!

Temperamental greetings,



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