Miss Ella Narcotic

“There is no one as straightforward as you! You are the one!” Quotes like this still resonate in my ears as if it were just yesterday, and it feels like a calm pendulum at equilibrium. Classic & empathetic, warm & determined, genuine & happy — The Dark Feminine.
Adorned in boots, leather jacket, skulls, and chains, I roamed our garden even at a young age; these and many other accompanying influences manifested very early on.
At the age of 14, friends said: “You will either become a soldier or a dominatrix!” And at 16, I cried when I had to leave the London Dungeon after staying longer than usual: “A black soul resides in you; you are the devil!” they said outright.
And today? Voilà! I love to live out all the colors and facets given to me. To give space to my personality, my entire inner team, and allow them to unfold.
Arrived, empathetic, detail-loving, and authentic; thanks to this stability and now more than 15 years of experience, I can safely guide you through our shared time.
Come with me, you will like it! Will you regret it? No!
From sexual counseling, BDSM-Tantra, Shibari, and Hypnosis, there is everything for beginners to connoisseurs to escape everyday life and dive into your secret and deep desires.
Nothing in the world is more powerful than an idea whose time has come!
Whether it’s the rider in me, who still has a passion for dressage, western, and military, the dancing entertainer, or the dynamic fighter that ignites your fire, we will find out together what suits you.
As you can see, I love discipline “just like a Queen of Discipline”!
Being able to communicate and live out one’s sexuality is a feeling of freedom that I want to pass on to you.
Whoever eventually attains the highest form of it should have internalized the virtues along the way to resist sins if desired. Can you do that, or would you like me to bring you the necessary discipline in your very own way?
Freedom means having the discipline to turn the wishes and goals that you have set your mind on into reality!
In the bizarre world of kinks and fetishes, I give you space for your fantasies and desires that you do not want to share with anyone else, making them a reality. Unspoken longings and words cause us to experience an unhelpful inner struggle with ourselves. Learn to leave this behind, to dissolve old blockages and beliefs, and find your ‘why’.
In personal development, which is gaining more and more significance, my work as a holistic sexual counselor is also an important factor in responding to you optimally.
Rest assured: everyone does it, but very few speak openly about it!
But we need to increase those numbers. Relaxed, communicative, and together!
Courage is the beginning of all wonderful worlds!


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