Lady Missy van Licks

When Lady Missy van Licks says she lives BDSM with every fiber of her being, you believe her instantly. The attractive mistress from Berlin has a dominant presence with that certain something that makes her special. She stands out and draws all eyes to her.
She questions outdated ideas and commonly accepted rules, consistently presenting her personal views and expertise. Her particular joy lies in the shared bizarre, erotic play, sometimes on equal footing and sometimes with penetrating dominance. Tough but tender, indeed.
Whether you are a beginner or possess long-term experience, you can completely let go under her care. She offers her guests a space where they can live out their deepest desires, no matter how dark or “perverse” they may seem! Moreover, she is equally open and positive towards all gender identities.
So, it is high time to get to know the Lady at this year’s Venus 2024.


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