Mistress Anna Black

I am Mistress Anna Black.

A bizarre lady and domina who is definitely not your average dominatrix.

With me, slaves experience things on a daily basis that are not possible with other dominas in Leipzig.

Unusual desires are my specialty.

Things like licking and sex slave training are daily routines with my slaves.

I am the only dominatrix in all of Leipzig who offers sessions with a well-endowed young slave who can be used both passively and actively.

I also offer sessions with a female sex slave. Sessions with an experienced dominus are also available.

Cuckolding sessions are also possible with me. I also enjoy bizarre role-playing, such as when the dominant schoolgirl whips her teacher.

I offer film shoots with slaves for private use as well.

Through collaboration with a fetish design studio in Leipzig, I am now able to use very special clothing and play equipment during sessions if needed.

For regular clients, I can have custom-made toys created.

I can also have toys brought from there at any time, such as powerful milking and fucking machines. Or special whips made of latex, leather, or steel. Likewise, I can have special clothing made if clients have specific preferences in this regard.

All these things make me absolutely unique and special as a dominatrix.


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