Mistress Arjuna

My name is Mistress Arjuna. As a creative dominatrix, I’m excited to share our playtime in Aschaffenburg.

Are you ready to explore your fetish with me? Then share it with me.

I love to use the power I have over you to uncover your deepest desires. My empathy allows me to respect your boundaries while discovering your yearnings. With sadistic pleasure, I will masterfully guide you through play with heat, cold, electrical stimulation, and much more. My spanking will awaken your senses and deepen your devotion, while my spitting will arouse and challenge you. Let me be your mistress and experience the pleasure and pain that only I can give you.

I dedicate myself with great passion to various themes from the medical field, an expertise I’ve gained over the years in a skin and hair practice. My offerings range from needling and cupping to modern and medieval medicine, and a variety of role-playing scenarios that go beyond standard practices. You’ll enter an entirely new world with me if you dare.

Immersing in different roles and individualized training is at the core of what I do. Whether I mold you into an obedient dog, ride you like a horse, or keep you in a chastity belt for extended periods, my bondage techniques will captivate you. My compelling personality won’t let you go.

Sissies and TV whores are welcome.
My focus lies on sissy training and hairdresser fetish. With my background as a trained master hairdresser and stylist, my passion flows into these areas in particular.

In my sessions, I love to integrate cosmetic elements. You will give me pedicures, pamper, and massage my feet, under my guidance.

I invite you to be curious and let me take you into these extraordinary worlds of experience.


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