Mistress Élysées

I am Bizarre Erotica.
I exude PURE sex.
I will make your body tremble.
Madame Élysées, translated from French, means “paradise”!
Welcome to paradise, my dear!
To my paradise. Erotic and pleasurable, but also painful.
I am a sensual, curious, playfully dominant, and slightly sadistic lady.
I don’t play a dominant role. I live it.
And I have a lot of fun doing it!
I – Bizarre
Are you – looking for an exciting, bizarre adventure?
Then you are in the right place with me! Put yourself in my hands. Trust me.
Show your submission. Resist. Enjoy the pleasure. And the pain.
I – a certified psychologist, watch you closely. I put you in a trance.
I am interested in how you react to different stimuli. I enjoy exploiting your precarious situation.
To make you moan. In pain. In pleasure.
I am a trained masseuse. And I love exploring your body in great detail.
From front to back. From top to bottom.
Tender to painful.
Anal erotica excites me the most.
Just like most men. Giving up control, being entirely passive. A spectacular experience!
“Figging” and chili oil are my favorites.
They stimulate blood flow and give you an orgasm of unimaginable intensity.
I – elegant mistress
I love lacquer. I love black and red. And I love slaves who obey me unconditionally.
I have high standards.
Few meet them.
But that’s okay. I am happy to teach you what I expect from you. Slave training.
Consistent, imaginative, painful, hard but unjust. Just the way you need it!
Earn my attention. Learn. Endure the pain. Make an effort. Do not disappoint me.
And woe to you if you scream! I gently introduce new slaves to their role. Test their limits.
And expand them, little by little. Leniency is foreign to me.
Only consistency leads to desired training success! I mercilessly punish mistakes and lack of effort.
Harsh and painful. And with enthusiasm.
My favorite instruments: whip, crop, paddle, clamps, and my hands. Punishment is a must. Give me a reason…
So, make an effort. If I am satisfied with you, you might get to clean my heels or taste some NS.
My services: slapping, spanking, slave training, trampling, bondage, strap-on, forced shaving, foot erotica, facesitting, clamps, cane, wax play, breath reduction, anal erotica, lingam, testicle massage, tantric massage, nylon fetish, latex, NS, scat without ingestion (“dung beetle training”, dirty game), food play.
Do you want to know what Russian dominance means?
You cannot!
You can only sense it with your body!
You will be surprised, you will marvel, be afraid, sweat, feel humility, kneel, suffer, tremble. Start training your tongue now, it has a lot to do in this specialty…
It’s going to be hot… Sweetie…
Anyone who wants to experience this and much more – book your session in advance.


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