Mistress Felina

Welcome to my dark and sensual world, where all your deepest desires and fantasies become reality…

I see myself as an artist, and my tools are BDSM, with your devotion as my canvas. Don’t let my soft curves and sweet smile deceive you, as behind them lies a depraved personality. I know exactly what I want – to see you become helpless, hungry, and begging for more.

True dominance creeps into your mind before you even realize it. I gladly use my feminine and sensual nature to bring my male counterpart to a point where his only desire is to obey me. You will feel completely at my mercy, both physically and intellectually.

Before you are physically bound, you will be captivated by my green sparkling eyes, your mind will slowly empty, the world as you know it will fade, and you will lose yourself. You will fall at my feet and be entirely under my control. You will become the version of yourself that you’ve always wanted to be deep inside. I will use you, humiliate you, abuse you, and you will love it.

The session we experience together will be as unique as your needs. Our interests, our curiosity, and your trust create a work of art in itself. The session is based on consent.

I also gently introduce beginners to the world of BDSM. My home studio is in Munich, but I also regularly go on tour.

You’d rather regret what you’ve done than regret not having done it.

Mobile: +49 1512 0140305
Mail: [email protected]


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