Mistress Joy

Pure Joy- Pure Joy! My name is the program.
I am creative, empathetic, curious, friendly, and humorous.
35 years old, from the Ruhr area and a Kinkster through and through!

As a Sub, I dove into the bizarre world, developed into a Domina and now I am discovering more and more unusual variations in the kinky world.
There are so many beautiful things to experience, you just have to be brave enough to try something new.
Can you imagine that wrestling, balloons, or tickling can have something erotic about them?

At the Venus 2024, I want to give you the opportunity to discover less known fetishes, together with my colleagues.
Watch us on stage as we fight, play, have fun and if you like it, talk to us and we try it together on site.
Whether in a small fight on sports mats, cuddling with balloons or maybe being tickled while tied up and experience a whole new rush.
And don’t be alarmed if a large female Doberman petgirl crosses your path. That’s also me -“Kalla the Pet”. Petplay is also one of the less known variations.
I want to show you what is all possible. Have a cuddle with me or let’s play.

Joyn the bizarr experience!


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