Mistress Roxana Rule

I love the game between me and the one who submits to me. I’m interested in your weakness, which you define as a tendency or fantasy. I am unreachable and yet you want to meet me, because my power inspires you. Get to know me. Confide in me. I know what needs to be done.

Beware of asking too many questions, for they bore me. Every detail in my offer (service) is authentic and truthful. Everything that belongs to it individually, we discuss personally on-site and you can benefit from a variety that is highly respectful and individually celebrated by me with you.

I’m looking forward to you! In a phone call or chat before a personal meeting, keep it clear and short. Show me the trust you must give me to fully achieve your goal. As I said… Otherwise, I get bored.

99% practice 1% theory! We’ll meet on Venus…

Mistress Roxana Rule


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