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„Multifunctional Trans“ Kim Tawo

Gender Struggle – But Peace Comes From Within!

This year, Venus takes me back to Berlin again, this time without my own booth, but with a wonderful series of events in tow: FUUKIWORLD.

Faithful to the Saarland motto “great things spring from small beginnings” I embarked on a journey through the erotic world many years ago. During this journey, I encountered a variety of dynamic people and situations, all of which ultimately flow into the new project as a collective experience.

When I wrote last year (here) that “I preserve old values and combine them with a modern lifestyle in body, mind, and soul,” I did not anticipate how akin to the journey towards one’s own self these events would be.

Fuuki World

FUUKIWORLD has its unique spirit, where attendees are not merely guests, but an integral part of the concept. It’s a place where you want to be a part of!

But what’s with this provocative “motto”?

On the path to self-realization, honesty is paramount. No one can deceive themselves their whole life and expect that no one will notice anything. Sadly, I see this happening far too often with fellow strugglers and attempt to address it, albeit mildly, in individual cases – provocative as my generalized statements may be. I neither consider it a mission nor a political issue – after all, it’s about being human, in all its facets, forms, and colors, which is even reflected in the name TAWO (Cebuano language -> human). And that’s what FUUKIWORLD is all about. You’re not a guest, you’re part of a shared journey – perhaps even a journey to your own self!? So, consider this an open-hearted invitation for a chat at the bar or along the vast corridors of our beloved Venus in Berlin. I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Oh, and of course, I’m still not camera-shy and haven’t developed any fear of contact yet.

❤️ Love
Kim Tawo (Model, organizer, networker, and much more.)

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