Erotik-Influencer Sir Alex & Sub Nicole von Ungeniert


Welcome to the world of BDSM! As a leading expert in the field of BDSM, I am proud to offer high-quality workshops, coaching sessions, shows and events based on years of experience and expertise. My unique knowledge in a session or performance was almost 1:1 projected from the years of experience in martial arts onto BDSM and further developed, resulting in my “UNIVERSAL TECHNIQUE” which truly allows for every BDSM play equipment to be used safely and precisely!

This knowledge and ease is instantly recognised during a session or show. I made my passion my career. With extensive technical knowledge and a deep rooting in the scene, I am dedicated to bring this unique and innovative technique, and my knowledge to you. My expertise extends over various areas and I am always striving to keep my knowledge up-to-date.

I have received numerous awards and recognitions which emphasise my competence and commitment to excellence. Enter the world of BDSM and benefit from my extensive knowledge and experience that I am happy to pass on.

Experience a unique Bullwhip Show that will captivate your senses! Dive into a world of fascinating movements, breathtaking precision and engaging energy. Watch as the whip swishes through the air with incredible skill, creating fascinating patterns on the skin. Feel the rhythm of the music while the play of light immerses the stage in a magical ambience. This show is not just a demonstration of whip artistry, but a thrilling entertainment experience that will draw you into its spell. Prepare for a show that will exceed your expectations and offer an unforgettable spectacle!

See you soon! Sir Alex and Sub Nicole.

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