BDSM Queen Syonera von Styx

BDSM Queen Syonera
Zurich, Dresden & Leipzig
–Appearing at Venus 2023 on the main stage with her shows & at her booth in the Kinky Area–

Syonera von Styx (early 40s, 180cm)
-Classical Dominatrix for 20 years, SM performer & model-
Are you seeking something extraordinary? True classical dominance? Then you’ve come to the right place with me.
I am Syonera von Styx, the headmistress of Atelier Exposure Dresden (spread over 2 floors, 200 m² with dungeon cells – & Petit Chateau Zurich & SM-Bahnhof-Leipzig ( and NEW!! in Dresden, the SM club for party rentals & celebrations
That’s why I place great importance on psychological counseling with a focus on fetish and SM in pre- and post-session discussions because I have a genuine interest in the desires and developments of my guests, where a kind of self-discovery takes place, helping them find and expand their limits. I believe that “only when you trust me and let yourself go, can we dive into the bizarre world” (you can lose track of time in the process).
However, without communication, this is impossible…
Therefore, you can be sure to experience an individual, diverse session with me. With true masochists or those with submissive tendencies, my inclination towards sadism and dominance truly comes to the fore. Not only does my 1.80 m height make an impression, but also charisma, adaptability, and flexibility play their part. As I possess a keen sense, I immediately recognize the “weak spots” of my counterpart and ruthlessly exploit them if they resist or provoke by deviating from my principles.
My beautiful exterior is a disguise. Inside me lies a true dominant sadist – which can be seen in my extreme films ( You can feel my charisma not only in my individual sessions, many photos & clips in Frau Styx’s Member Club ( but also in my SM shows on stage (

What’s new now is the opportunity for hypnosis combined with a session with me. Also NEW!! I created the music video for the Dresden band “GenerationBreakdown.” Here:

During group training sessions in my studios, you can get to know my team and me in an informal setting.
–Many possibilities for a versatile, unique
Lifestyle Dominatrix “Syonera von Styx” for 25 years.–

Don’t hesitate. For beginners, it’s the best introduction to SM, for the experienced, a revelation and an expansion of boundaries. Then you’ll experience true SM…

But know this:
For those who consider SM a mere “trend” and only want to talk about it, I will turn away and not waste my valuable time!

– Besides almost all clinical practices & those of the dark realm, you can also experience HYPNOSIS: There is more between heaven and hell than we think. If you can let go and trust me, you will experience a new version of yourself. Blockages can be released, smoking cessation is possible, chastity can be induced for me. Many things are possible. But above all, you will be closer to your Mistress than ever before….

+49 – (0)179 – 710 44 99
+41 – (0)79 – 259 50 83
email: [email protected]





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