Erotik-Influencer Vara Laval

I’m Vara Laval and in “real life” I’m a firefighter/officer, but I’m also a hot mess.

To give you a first impression of me, I thought I’d just tell you a bit about myself. On the one hand, I live very much according to “old values”. In everyday life I am ladylike, always elegantly dressed, only wear high heels, know how to behave, behave and express myself appropriately. Reliability, honesty and punctuality are indispensable, because without time management, organisation and discipline I get confused.

Most important to me, however, is respect, empathy, sensitivity, tolerance, open-mindedness and humanity.

Every person should simply be accepted as they are, with what they do and live the life they have chosen for themselves.

One should not take the right to judge someone one does not know.

No one can look inside a person, see into their soul and know what their motives are.

As individual as it may seem, all people have dreams and the desire to simply be happy.

What is your attitude towards life?

I also want to distance myself from the conformity of society, from what is preached and said about what is right and what is not.

It is more important for me to be at peace with myself and not to deviate from my rules and principles.

That’s why you will only see 100% of what I enjoy. My videos contain all the more passion and desire.

Because when you do something with passion, it doesn’t feel like work and it isn’t for me.

I will continue to work in my profession and see this as an exciting, sexually stimulating and interactive adventure that I will share with you all.

As far as my hobbies and interests are concerned, I am very versatile and changeable, both in the everyday and the more wicked sense. Jogging, dancing, tennis and my morning yoga routine keep me fit and balanced.

My hobbies are also my interests. They range from art, culture, nature, cities, haute cuisine, high fashion and cars to reading, general world affairs, business, entrepreneurship and real estate.

You see, I am a woman with whom you can not only have a lot of fun, but also a very good conversation.

As nice as an extended conversation is, pursuing one’s dark passions is at least as nice, BDSM with especially bondage (Shibari) is one of my greatest passions.

I like not only to write or to exchange in the webcam, I am a woman to touch and would be very happy about one or the other willing, well-off man who wants to play in my clips.

I don’t like stagnation and try to constantly develop myself in all areas of life. Currently it’s my sex life and I’m sure you will enrich it!


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