Erotik-Influencer YourHandler

I am YourHandler!

The gentleman, Dom, and owner who can guide YOU. As a handler and owner in the BDSM scene, I have been active in the scene for over 6 years, initially privately, and now I have the privilege of professionally training people to be obedient pets.

Together with my human pets, I want to introduce you to the topic of role and pet play. In this not yet very well-known form of play, I take on the leading, dominant role and train you. Whether you want to be a dog, a pony, or a cat – everything is possible! 🙂 Feel free to approach me when I stroll through the fair with my pets on a leash and let yourself be surprised by us and this completely different form of play. Who knows, maybe you’ll soon be running with our pack or spending some time in the cage?! I look forward to our encounter.

Feel free to check out my work on Instagram (@XxyourhandlerxX) or my website if you can’t wait to get your paws on it 🙂

Xx Your Handler


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